octubre 31, 2011

There's neither irony nor sarcasm in this top 10. That's to say you're not about to see kitschy album covers for comic purposes. What you're about to see is some real deal scary shit because it's Halloween

Diamanda Galás Plague Mass 

Recorded live at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, the tracks in Plague Mass are the closest we'll be from an exorcism gone wrong. What about the album cover? almost as disturbing as the album's sounds.

Die Waffen-SS Alte Kameraden Singen!

An album by SS officials shitting out of their mouths can't go wrong scaring -or pissing off- anyone who isn't idiotically fucked up in the head. Why don't you DieWaffen-SS... oh! you already did... .

Babasónicos Babasonica

Is he dead or is he looking at a more frightening thing not shown in the picture?

Electrelane Axes

This girls from Brighton didn't choose blood, dead people or dark entities to achieve a scary album cover. But I'm pretty sure there's blood, dead people and dark entities inside that apartment. 

Grouper Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

...and then she came down again to drag a dead boy scout.

Add N To (X) On The Wires of Our Nerves

Is there anything scarier than someone taking the music out of you? 

Eric Copeland Hermaphrodite

Judging for the intentions behind Copeland's mind, it would've been easier for him to shock anyone unfortunate enough to look at a literal cover of a record with such a name. Luckily, he decided to display other kind of shock. We really appreciate that, Eric. 

Half Man Half Biscuit Back in the D.H.S.S.

I don't know why this cover creeps me out a little... well, actually I do know, because it's a creepy one.

LIfelover Dekadens 

Lifelover was a black metal band from Sweden...  Oh! wait, now I got the irony!

Mueran Humanos Mueran Humanos

Argentina served as a refuge for some evil Germans. Now Germany is serving as a refuge for this evil Argentinians. 

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