mayo 07, 2012

Directed by Kerthy Fix. 2011

It's been 8 years since This Island, the latest album of feminist combo Le Tigre so far. Remember those days when they used to be on every single cover of hipster publications? Remember those days when the word hipster wasn't abused to shit? Remember those who "love Le Tigre!" while listening to Deceptacon for the first time? 

Some may find this documentary/road movie a little outdated due to the vanishing of the trio from the scene for such a long time. At the other hand, there's people like me -and maybe, you-  for whom this feature is a warm reminder of how fun this band is. Shown in a couple of theaters last February in New York and available for streaming since last year, Who Took The Bomp? was filmed during the promoting tour for This Island -2004/2005- in countries like Australia, Japan, Germany, etc. Biographical details and experiences are told by the band itself, including curious facts like that one when Kathleen wrote "Kurt Cobain smells like Teen Spirit" in some wall at the frontman's house... at a time when that song wasn't even written. Footage from Le Tigre playing live, being interviewed in radio shows, fooling in the backstage and hotel rooms are all part of this hour-plus movie. A welcome addition to the "rockumentary" genre.

Here it is in its entirety, straight from the bompalompalomp.

Update: Is not available anymore, don't blame me but the inconsiderate vimeo user who removed it.

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