febrero 19, 2013

Before you say I'm an elitist hipster who only listen to obscure acts, I must state that one of my favorite bands are The Beatles (some might say the most overrated band of all time, but certainly not myself). So calm down and accept the fact that the following bands are way too highly praised for what they really are. 

Pink Floyd

(yaaawwwnnn) I'm actually listening to them while writing this (yaaawwwnnn again), and not The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, but the other material they recorded; a tiresome display of "druggy" songs that certainly takes me on a trip... straight to Morpheusville. Some would say "you idiot, you have absolutely no idea of what trascendental and cosmic music is all about," I say,

 try this instead:

Radiohead (post-OK Computer)

I never listened to Pablo Honey beyond Creep and Pop Is Dead. I LOVED (and still do) The Bends. I really liked (and still do) OK Computer. But then Yorke & Co. fell in a downward spiral of indulgence trying to reinvent the wheel with a series of pretentious and impossibly uptight albums that are praised as if they are the Qur'an.

try this instead:

Prefuse 73

Animal Collective

To make experimental music is easy, to make interesting experimental music is not. AC make easy experimental music overpraised by trendsetters like Pitchfork. Their indie folk-meets-random-blips are supposed to create a weird cocktail of a sound. Well, is not weird, guys, can get annoying, and not the kind of annoying you'd want, I think.

Frank Sinatra

Ok, this is not a band... but hey, the band was good indeed, but nobody gave a shit (at least consciously) about them but the singer; a guy with a standard voice who became a big phenomenon by being friend of the right people at the right time. Let's face it, if you're a man then probably you're able to imitate that voice since baritone "it is the most common male voice" (as read in Wikipedia).

try this instead:

The Black Keys

Listening to this duo is like having a piece of integral bread with a glass of water for a mid-afternoon snack... and the guy with the black frame glasses/idiot face ever complaining about everything in interviews is just insufferable.

try this instead:

Buffalo Killers
The Dirtbombs 
Black Lips

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